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Our Aikido YouTube Videos

Karl Geis Hanshi demonstrating Shomen-ate

Karl Geis Hanshi demonstrating Aigamae-Ate


Sara throwing Greg Henry at Karl Geis's summer 2009 Aikido clinic.

A technical explanation of the guruma in Aikido.


Self-Defense Instruction for our Social Media Followers (001)

David Witt and David Russell doing a demonstration of the first 5 techniques of the big 10 kata.











Clif Norgaard Sensei, 10th Dan, Karl Geis Ryu, 86 years old


David Witt and Austin Kayser doing randori in Aikido.


Directions in Aikido courtesy of the great David Witt!


Shomen-ate, compression, and stability.


David Witt teaching his sublime insights into Randori! 


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