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Our Aikido YouTube Videos

Karl Geis Hanshi demonstrating Shomen-ate

Karl Geis Hanshi demonstrating Aigamae-Ate


Sara throwing Greg Henry at Karl Geis's summer 2009 Aikido clinic.

A technical explanation of the guruma in Aikido.


Clif Norgaard Sensei, 10th Dan, Karl Geis Ryu, 86 years old


Self-Defense Instruction for our Social Media Followers (001)

David Witt and Austin Kayser doing randori in Aikido.


David Witt and David Russell doing a demonstration of the first 5 techniques of the big 10 kata.











Directions in Aikido courtesy of the great David Witt!


Shomen-ate, compression, and stability.


David Witt teaching his sublime insights into Randori! 


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