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We have chosen to follow, in general, the Kodokan system. However, because of the many and varied special problems we have in this country, it will be essential that we deviate from time to time in order that an orderly system will evolve. In order to be fair to all concerned, both competitor and strong Judo leaders and teacher attempts will be made to equitably adjust those persons rank who we feel deserve recognition in accordance with the equivalent rank that person might have achieved in the Kodokan with similar contributions.


Any contestant 4th Dan or below who shows outstanding ability in the AAU National Judo Championships, or in international competition, may be promoted without respect as to time in grade.


From time to time a particularly strong Judo leader will emerge, whose contribution far exceeds that of other persons who, though they be strong competitors, have no ability to contribute to Judo as a whole (e.g.: as a teacher, coach, organizer, etc.). These contributing leaders will be rewarded with rank for their contributions.


It is important, however, that when a promotion is made under special conditions, that all true facts concerning the actual technical ability and contribution of the recommended judoka be known. It is necessary that these promotions be for the greater good of Judo and not of sole benefit to a small group or to an individual. In order that this right to deviate from the exact written standard be justified for special promotions, the organization reserves the right to refuse to process any promotion which it considers dishonorable and generally unfavorable to the art and sport of Judo.

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