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1. These standards represent minimum training and experience time.


2. Notice may be given to experience and training in another martial art.


3. Notice may be given to accumulated hours of study in excess of the required amount.


4. Notice may be given to any person who achieves or exceeds the technical requirements in advance of the required time in grade for that rank.


5. All persons shall have achieved the technical standards for the rank for which they are a candidate.


6. Notice may be given to a person who show themselves to be selfish and immature or unselfish and mature in their training and teaching practice.


7. Notice may be given to any person who makes an extra contribution on behalf of Jyodo.


8. Notice may be given to a recommendation for promotion if the person recommending that promotion is determined to have achieved current knowledge of the technical requirements for the rank in question.


9. Any person who is promoted to black belt must have been found to be capable of representing Karl Geis Ryu, its members, and Tsunako Miyake.


10. Notice may be taken of a person's social or antisocial acts, and no person should be promoted to higher rank in the black belt ranks who, by his past actions, indicates that some future act might embarrass Jyodo, Karl Geis Ryu, its members, and Tsunako Miyake.


11. Once a person reaches the rank of 1st degree black belt, their interest should begin to lie in the areas of teaching Jyodo, rather than the sole interest of improving their skills. If this is not done at the 1st degree black belt level, it is improbable that the necessary teaching experience can be gained to qualify a person for the rank of Sandan or Yondan. Therefore all black belts should spend a part of each class working with lower ranks.



A recommended practice is a one hour class in which the black belts work with the lower ranks, a short break, and a 30 minute to 1 hour practice period following the class in which the high ranks may work together and the lower ranks may practice the lesson they have just received. All teaching methods must and should be positive and uplifting in nature. Remarks that might be taken as personal should be avoided. Of course, when danger is involved the safe method should be explained quickly and directly.


12. Karl Geis Ryu may make any exception to the rank requirements that they choose if they, as a group, feel that the exception is warranted.

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