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JODO SEITEI NO KATA (training forms)



1. Tsuke Zue

2. Suigetsu

3. Hissage

4. Shamen

5. Sakan

6. Monomi

7. Kasumi

8. Tachi Otoshi

9. Rai Uchi

10. Seigan

11. Midare Dome

12. Ran-Ai

The stick that reaches the target (reaching stick)

Sternum (solar plexus) thrust

Withdrawing stick

Diagonal (side) head strike

Left thrust with the sword

The vision of things (lookout technique)

Poor sight technique (salute the fog)

To make the sword drop (sword strike away)

Thunderbolts (lightning strikes)

Aiming at the eyes

Stopping disorder

Disorder to harmony

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