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Children's Judo


The ranking system for children stresses frequent and positive rewards. We recommend that a child's first promotion be given within a two month period after starting Judo and that each child be given regular promotions every four months thereafter as a minimum. We feel the instructor must have total freedom with the instruction of children and the following guidelines are simply that and may be deviated from in any way the instructor chooses. We recommend that a student's first promotion be based on the chart below, regardless of ability. However, any student may rise above his age group to the top of the chart should the instructor feel his technical ability and knowledge supports the promotion. We do recommend that no student be promoted more than four ranks ahead of his age group. However, children's promotions will be left solely to the discretion of the instructor.



Training standards for children should be flexible and we recommend that the teacher follow the Kodokan Gokyo No Waza including the first three kyo and various basic grappling techniques, all the time guiding the child toward sankyu or higher standards as the case may be. Always keep in mind that children learn at different speeds and should be taught accordingly. We also feel the children should have a basic vocabulary and historical knowledge as long as undue pressure and stress are not put in this area. All 20 children's belt ranks will contain different colors and color combinations. This is accomplished by incorporating a sleeve 12 inches long that can be slipped over the existing yellow, orange, blue, purple or green belt. For example, when a child is promoted from yellow belt he will receive a diploma and an orange sleeve to slide over his existing belt. With registration all children will receive our first registration diploma. However, all promotions thereafter will have completely different and decorative diplomas each telling in its own special way of the child's achievement, thereby reinforcing the child's self image of himself as well as bringing the Judo message to him and his family. All of the following age increments are to be considered with total flexibility, and the instructor has total flexibility in their use.


If the student is a beginner at age 13, the first promotion should be in 2 to 4 months and should be to senior green belt.







6 & 4

6 & 8



7 & 4

7 & 8



8 & 4

8 & 8



9 & 4

9 & 8



10 & 4

10 & 8



11 & 4

11 & 8



12 & 4

12 & 8






Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt with orange sleeve


Yellow Belt with blue sleeve

Yellow Belt with purple sleeve

Yellow Beltwith green sleeve


Yellow Belt with brown sleeve

Orange Belt

Orange Belt with blue sleeve


Orange Belt with purple sleeve

Orange Belt with green sleeve

Orange Belt with brown sleeve


Blue Belt

Blue Belt with purple sleeve

Blue Belt with green sleeve


Blue Belt with brown sleeve

Purple Belt with green sleeve

Purple Belt with brown sleeve


Green Belt

Green Belt with brown sleeve

Brown Belt


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